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What research do I need to undertake to determine my ideal client and better reach them?

“When you start thinking about your ideal client you need to delve deeper than just the demographics and the basic information.

You need to really get to know them, they are your ideal client, so you get to choose exactly what they are like. He or she could be you 10 years ago, 1 year ago or you now. It may be someone you have previously worked with, a family member or it may be a person you have made up called Mandy! Whoever they are you need to know every single detail from their core values, what their pain points are, their age, what are they looking for, how much they want to spend, the list is endless but once you know all of this you will have your niche.

Analytics are great to look at but unless you are constantly getting dream enquiries it is likely that those people visiting your website and engaging with you on social media aren’t those people. Instead take a look at your analytics to discover who you are attracting and figure out why.

Sending out a survey to your existing clients can also be very revealing. If your subscribers aren’t ever booking in with you or buying from you, your spending time sending out emails that won’t see a return so don’t be afraid to let them go so you can focus on the ones who are your invested in you. Its far better to have a smaller audience of people who are engaged in what you do then a large audience of people who wont do anything but sit on your list.

Once you know your ideal client you will be in a much better position to sell your services and see your business flourish.”

Professional Beauty Magazine  – Ask The Experts