We will listen to you.

Owning and running a business can be lonely and overwhelming at times. Experiencing euphoria one moment and hitting rock bottom the next.

Having worked together running four high street beauty salons for over 10 years with over 40 employees we have seen it all!

“We’ve been exactly where you are now!”

(Lilla Liptak)

SO, after a decade of seeing the good, bad and ugly side of the salon and spa environment we now want to focus on you. We want to share our knowledge and help you create the profitable salon or spa that you’ve always wanted.

Starting with an honest in-depth consultation

  • We will analyse your current business with you.
  • This will then enable us to put a plan in place, and set clear goals on how we are going to move your business forward.
  • Following on from this we will then formulate a strategy for action.
  • Finally help you to make it all happen.